Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Why You Won't Be Seeing Me

The clarity
with which I've come to see
Hard-earned, slow-to-come clarity
You insist on distorting
rather than sharing
Because it is
in this distortion that you are "correct",
that you are comfortable
In this distortion, you are free
from the long, hard work
of gaining your own clarity
In this distortion, I--and not you--
will need to change
so that you can be happy.


RedAirkson said...

I choose...To shout “I see you!” instead of “Look at me!”

there was a time a visitor arrived unannounced and as i went to get him a drink he changed the music i was playing...

bad manners, to say the least...?

Lami said...


happy girl ink said...

yo nice one but um na-getch ba nya? hahaha hug peejee!!!

Lami said...

I can only hope na getch. Thanks, Peej! Hug back! Needed that :)

RedAirkson said...

pag di pa ma getch eh di tanga talaga :-)

Lami said...

Hmm...I think it's less katangahan than arrogance (or the willful refusal to consider that one can be anything other than "right") actually...;)

i'm an island girl said...

haha LOVE it! :) the weight of words.

Lami said...

;) ;) ;)