Tuesday, January 25, 2011

This Blog is Now a Book :)

Yes, it's true: this blog's three-year journey has come to an end, a fact that makes me both wistful and relieved. The fact, however, that it's now a book makes me very, very happy.

As this blog has essentially been about the self—about self-discovery, self-healing, self-forgiveness, self-esteem, self-empowerment—it made sense to me to round out the whole experience by self-publishing. It also made sense to do it on demand, meaning I print the copies that people have actually ordered (and have paid for), because I am no big publisher with a big marketing budget (at least, not yet).

So I am enlisting you, dear reader, to be co-publisher of this book by paying in advance for the number of copies you want. The hardbound version costs US$18 (or PhP799) and the paperback costs US$14 (or PhP585).

My target (and I’m sending this out to the universe for maximum effect) is to pre-sell at least 3,000 copies by February 3, 2011. Printing is scheduled to begin shortly after.

Please make your deposit to LADY MICHELLE SERING, SAVINGS ACCOUNT NUMBER 3270174680, METROBANK-ALFARO before February 3, 2011. (If you're depositing from outside the Philippines, the SWIFT CODE is MBTCPHMM). 

The book will be available starting March 8, 2011. Whether it will be available in bookstores depends on the number of orders I receive by February 3.

For those of you who would rather read this blog than the book, for whatever reason: if this site does anything worthwhile for you at all, treat it as though you’ve purchased a book and deposit US$18 (or PhP799) to SAVINGS ACCOUNT NUMBER 3270174680, METROBANK-ALFARO or make a donation through PayPal (click on the "Donate" button on this site) anytime. Although I must say that the book is different and worth getting for yourself as well as for gifting to friends and family :)

I thank you in advance for your appreciation and generosity.

For your questions about the book and for delivery details, you may leave a note on this site or privately message me on Facebook.

To Marge Melendez-Albito, who did the stunning book cover—thank you, Huggabelle!

To poet and editor Mabi David, thank you for your thorough editing.

To Dan Matutina, thank you for your clean, stylish layout.

And to my blog community, thank you so much, you guys, for journeying with me these past three years! It’s been such a joy and a pleasure sharing this adventure with you.

Now on to the next one!

Love and peace,
Tweet :)