Tuesday, April 21, 2009

...And the Super Sappy Girl Finally Snapped Out of It

Written in November, 1995:

I am stung
by your obliviousness
How could you not want
to share
a little of your space
a little of your breath
a little of your self
with me?
It's dark again
too soon
Daylight is
my only reprieve
from damning thoughts
of why, why, why
you can't love me
as I love you.

Written in February, 2009:

I will no longer try
To slay your monsters for you
I can’t be your hero
I can’t be your saviour, anymore
I will try to slay my own monsters now
(and they are many)
You watch me
Very closely
And you


painted1981 said...

i think i'm gonna cry...winner 'to girly!

Lami said...

Poosh! ;( Thank you, girly...;)

Cris said...

I like Learning. Thanks for sharing.

Ooh, the universe is telling me to contemplate! 8D b/c I recently chanced upon this poem called Discipline by Brooke Astor (scroll towards the end of the entry pa)...din...and now yours. I was reminded of it when I read your poems.

"I am old and I have had
more than my share of good and bad
I've had love and sorrow, seen sudden death
and been left alone and of love bereft.
I thought I would never love again
and I thought my life was grief and pain.
The edge between life and death was thin,
but then I discovered discipline.
I learned to smile when I felt sad,
I learned to take the good and bad.
I learned to care a great deal more
for the world about me than before.
I began to forget the 'Me' and "I"
and joined in life as it rolled by:
this may not mean sheer ecstasy
but it is better by far than "I" and "Me."

Lami said...

You're welcome, dearie ;). Thank you, too ;).

And thank you for sharing this poem! Ang GANDA ng Discipline. I love it! ;) (the poem AND the virtue, that is) Is Brooke Astor the New York socialite/philanthropist (who passed away na?)

Trixie said...

I dont know why this entry made me sad, but it did. It's beautiful.

And ps. i love kate (the Great) winslet too, esp in holy smoke.

Lami said...

Hmm, why kaya? :)

Thank you, Trix :).

p.s. Isn't she just fab? I missed Holy Smoke, unfortunately. If you know where I can get a copy, can you let me know? ;) Thanks! ;)

Teta said...

yep...one and the same. the poem is in the book "Mrs Astor Regrets," by Meryl Gordon.

Lami said...

Ooh, I like! ;) Makakuha nga ng copy. Thanks, Teta-girl! :)