Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Dear Ms. Jolie

Can I call you Angie? I’m sorry if that may seem like I’m being too familiar, even with someone as familiar to the world as you, but I do feel like I know you. My boyfriend calls me your stalker;)--I’ve bought more magazines with you on the cover (as well as your book Notes from My Travels) than I can realistically afford. Friends excitedly call me on my cellphone when they see you on TV. My sisters and brother think I’ve regressed and have gone straight back to my Princess Diana-obsessed youth.

However, being the incorrigible optimist---as all romantics are--that I am, I see the upside to this “fanaticism”: I’d like to think that the evolution of my choice of role model from a starry-eyed romantic looking for love to a clear-eyed powerhouse who sought to be in charge of her life (in the process, attracting the love that would nurture her vision) reflects my own evolution as an individual. The fact that I identify with you as I’ve never identified with anyone else--however mind-boggling (and yes, delusional) that may seem to my friends and family given that you’re not only famous but that, helllllowwwa!, you’re ANGELINA JOLIE—gives me great comfort. It tells me that another Gemini (also called The Divine Discontent in the zodiac), with lofty dreams of changing the world (her Third World part, the Philippines) and improving her own troubled relationship with her dad, may finally be getting it right and may even find contentment in this lifetime.

You cannot imagine how much you’ve helped me without even knowing it, especially with this rather difficult endeavor I’ve chosen for myself—creating the life that I want. And since I want nothing less than a great, incandescent life, the demands upon me and the challenges I’ve been faced with have been nothing short of, well, great.

Just by being yourself—unflinchingly honest, open, authentic—you have offered me much-needed encouragement, spurring me on when times got really difficult that the urge to just give up, to stop and settle for less became overwhelming.

I just thought it fitting that I start this blog with a nice “thank you” to the person who has most inspired me.

I am sooo glad you’re in the world, Angie. Take care and keep getting more astig, Astigirl! ;)

Love and peace...


Mrs.Z said...

I think this Angelina Jolie just reminds you so much of your good friend Cecilia who looks exactly her, I'm sure you miss her so much ever since she moved to Prague. They were even in the same restaurant a few months ago, at Kampa

Joefort Capistrano said...

'Saw your article on the PS Sunday issue. Wonderful piece, keep up the good work!

BTW, I used a line from the article as a shout out on my blog, hope you don't mind.